February 10, 2007

The middle one is 4!



Nate celebrated his 4th birthday last week, on the same day Riley went back to school. He was so excited when he came into our room and exclaimed "I am taller now". He loved all of his presents especially the Jungle Party game for the Playstation 2 that I bought the same day. Nathan had pre-school that day so he took a birthday cake designed by himself and all of his friends sang to him. I thought I did pretty good with the aqua icing. We met up at the bowling alley with mum and Kay for a game and then came home for dinner and a game of Jungle Party. The cousins were having a little trouble sharing the games as they were all still tired from their holiday away. In the end we called it a night and tried to get them into bed at a decent hour.


We still owe Nathan a trip to Jamberoo water park, we will do that towards the end of the month.

Four words that sum up Nathan at 4: affectionate, kind, animated, rogue (can't get by without that one :)),

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