February 10, 2007

Keep Trying

Well no movement on the scales since my last post. Darren worked last weekend and then had his operation this week so I am absolutley stuffed and have been having way too much caffeine and salt. Nathan had us in stitches when he asked if Daddy's tenticles were sore, we still joke about it a week later.

As a result we have been having alot of take away meals and generally crappy dinners, I don't think I could eat another sausage or chip for quite a while. We are all tired and grumpy so it is time to get back on the wagon and get some water, fresh food and exercise going again. We are going to take the boys to the park tomorrow, if the rain and thunder stops, so we can plan out the exercise and shopping times for the next week and hopefully some menu plans so I know what to cook for dinner whil the boys are busy playing. It really hit home on Friday just how much energy I need to look after Cooper, I was completely pooped after playgroup and he isn't even up and running yet.

remember: tick tock

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