January 20, 2007

I am finally back on line!

Man three weeks without my computer, school holidays and summer television has just about sent me around the twist. Luckily I had a Stampin Up party today and Riley and Nathan have gone on holidays with Mum and Kay to Vincentia. Apparently they are having a great time and were to busy to say good night to me, I am just hoping they are in bed by now as it is 11pm. Nate is coming home with me tomorrow and Riley is staying for the whole week. He was getting nervous about spending so long from home as I got lots of long cuddles this week which is not like him at all.

I have been working on getting my digital photos printed and I got 242 done today, that covered Spring 2006, I have to go back to Spring 2004 so I think it will get a little expensive. It was great seeing the photos and I am so glad that I decided to get them done. I am also doing two scrapbook classes online and having lots of fun doing those. We are three weeks in and so far I am doing a good job at keeping up, although I have some homework for tomorrow night.

I heard from Gav and Gill today and they are planning a visit next weekend, I am so excited to see the them both and meet the twins, I miss Gill terribly since they moved to Melbourne. The twins are only 5 months old so I will be taking heaps of photos of them, I am still clucky over babies especially ones that I can hand back. I also got an E-mail from some dear friends and it has been so long since I have spoken to them, they have moved to the Solomon Islands with their 3 young girls. I cannot wait to check out their blog to see what life is like. Darren and I have always had fun visiting them in Queensland, every time we visited Brad and Glenda they moved to a different town so we got to see lots of places in Queensland, not sure we will be visiting them in their new location though.

Oops just heard Darren turn off the light so better be off to bed now

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