December 04, 2006

A few new things for Coopey


He has developed this awful cry when he has to wait for anything while sitting in his high chair. He doesn't give up either, he can keep it going the whole time it takes me to make his breakfast or to clean up the mess from his breakfast. It gets the boys moving though, they are pretty quick to jump up and give him a toy or to try and make him laugh.


We spent the afternoon after school outside playing in the garden since the weather was so nice. I put Cooper in his swing (finally got it out of the shed) and he loved it. He has learnt how to hold his head when we push him so it doesn't bang back on the seat. The boys loved giving him a push and of course it got out of hand with Cooper flying through the air. He loved every second of it and would give out a squeal when the swinging stopped, he also had a play with the ball and the pegs while sitting in there.

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