November 07, 2006


I never thought I would see the day but Riley is learning to focus on what he is doing and he is learning that practise does pay off in the long run.

His reading is going so well, he has just jumped up to the level that the top readers in his class are at and he loves being at the top. I keep telling him that if he keeps practising he can do anything he puts his mind to and he is starting to believe me. His competitive streak is coming out, hmmm wonder where he gets that from.

He is now swimming with one of his class mates and he is determined to beat him to the next level. At his swimming lesson tonight he was focused the whole 30 minutes, swimming his laps over and over again, it was the first time I have ever seen this in him. Normally he is laughing and giggling and playing around being the silly one. He listened to everything his teacher had to say and then swam his little heart out when the instructor came over to assess him.

I am so proud of how well he is doing in all aspects of his life. He is doing extra homework, practising his writing in the note book that I got him. He received an award last week for being the first one to bring in a baby photo and he even filled out his pizza party form after reading it out to me. I think he got a kick out of filling in the form, writing on the envelope and then putting the money inside.


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