September 20, 2006

A Typical Wednesday

We seem to do the same things every Wednesday, nothing special just enjoying the gorgeous spring weather we are having at the moment.

I spent some time out in the garden this morning, watering with the hose while Nate watered with the watering can. He then proceeded to lock me out of the house and make his way to the garage to play with Daddy's new bike pump. It took me about 10 minutes to convince him to open the door. The gardenia leaves are yellowing again, time for some Epsom Salts

Nate and Cooper had some time playing before we went for our walk. Cooper loves to get into the basket of toys and have a chew on everything, he played for ages with the little firetruck that has sirens and lights.


Cooper isn't feeling his best today, I had him to the doctor's yesterday and one of his ears is red again and he has a touch of tonsilitis. We decided not to give antibiotics just yet, hopefully he can get over it himself. He didn't have much for lunch and only a little of his bottle.

Nathan has perfected his scooter riding already and is trying to do jumps off the gutter, use the back brake and ride with both feet on the board. He goes so fast on it but is usually in control, he rode all of the way on our walk today and all the way to the shops the other night. He has such great co-ordination, picking up most activites pretty quickly. He even wanted to take the scooter down the dirt track with a jump on it that local teenages have made for their bikes. I always joke that he is going to be my extreme sports child, I can see him dangling off a cliff in a few years time. Just hope my nerves can take it :)


Darren has taken to getting up early to go for a walk. He was up at 5:30am to walk down the hill and back up again then he rode to work. Just give me a call if you need a lift home baby :)

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