September 19, 2006

The Boy is Obsessed

Riley has had Zoo Tycoon 2 on his mind for a few months now. I downloaded the trial version a few weeks ago for Riley to play on my computer. Since then he has talked about nothing else, continually asking what sort of food different animals eat, what kind of fence do the animals need. I have had to restrict the time he spends on the computer as he would be on here all day. One morning he came into our bedroom at 6:30am and asked if he could go on the computer, another morning he came in talking about the camels. He has even tried sweet talking me to have a turn on the computer.

I decided that a sticker chart would keep him happy to work towards the full version of his very own. He worked his little tail off to get them, setting the table for dinner, eating breakfast, getting dressed and cleaning teeth in the morning, do as I asked the first time, he did manage to lose a few by fighting with Nate. Last night he was so excited, a big grin on his face, dancing around laughing, all because he only had one more sticker to get.

Now my only hope is that it arrives in the post quick smart or mum is going to be in trouble :)


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