January 31, 2010

First day of school 2010

This is the first year the boys have all happily posed for their first day of school photos.

Riley has a new teacher Mr Connor and is in another composite class 3/4C. He was over the moon with his teacher as he is young and plays lots of fun games. Also he and Ethan are on the same class again, now 5 years in a row.

Nathan was hoping to get Mr Bennett after seeing him play the guitar after last years graduation ceremony. Lucky for him he got him and was so excited with his new teacher and his classmates. He was also pleased to be away from Ethan and Christian as he didn't make the best choices when playing with them. Mr Bennett has whooping cough at the moment so his wife Mrs Bennett is filling in for him. Nathan loved that she used a glue stick as a microphone and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him since his birthday was on Saturday.

Cooper actually had his first day on Wednesday after missing the first three days due to our camping holiday and Australia Day. Darren dropped him off since Jonathan was coming over early for a play. When it was time for Darren to leave he dropped on the floor crying as he didn't want Darren to leave. He is in the echidna class with Miss Emma and was excited to be back playing with his friends Anthony, Jayden, Callum and Riley. He asked me to pick him up on the first day with the boys and a chocolate. He loved the Mars Bars and thought they had honey inside them, it was the caramel.

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Katy said...

how do they grow up so fast?
We have 14" of snow.. how warm is it down under?