September 29, 2006


Riley tells me this morning as we are discussing him not eating his sweet and sour pork last night

I don't like that dinner! My favourite dinners are spaghetti bolognaise, burritos and baked beans on toast. You make yukky dinners.

I have been making healthy dinners for a couple of weeks now - cutting down on the take away and slap together meals without vegetables. This has meant lots of "oh yuck!" when I loving place a healthy meal in front of Riley.


Yesterday's quote from my Supernanny calender

Give your children a proper nutritional diet right from the start. Make it a way of life. Children aren't born craving sugar. If they're only given good, nutritional food, they won't know any differently. A chopped-up peach will be much of a treat for them as a bowl of ice cream might be for another child.

Not that the boys have a bowl of ice cream for afternoon tea, they would be running around the house for hours! I thought I had always provided a healthy diet for the boys but obviously not healthy enough. Riley eating anything green has always been a struggle, especially at dinner time.

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