March 13, 2009

Melanie is

is trying to think of something for dinner
uploading and editing photos
is smelling the delicious Thai red curry I made for Darren for dinner. It is nearly ready and I am starving.
Phew that was hot, my tonuge is burning and my ears are ringing. Maybe a little less curry paste next time.
Finally the boys are all in bed and Darren and I can watch So You Think You Can Dance together in peace and quiet
Reminiscing about my trip to Italy 2 years ago while doing some scrapping
is consoling Cooper as he missed the garbage truck when we were taking the boys to school.
is wondering how many dinners get burnt because of Facebook
is wondering how to use spellcheck on Facebook
is happy because Darren just booked 3 weeks holidays for April.
is drooling over the Harvey Norman bathroom catalogue that came in the mail today
hears the bike, Daddy's home :)
is enjoying a peaceful house with only the sound of the computer humming and the dogs barking.
finally made the bed at 2pm and put away the huge pile of washing that has been sitting on our chest of drawers for two days.
is relieved that she has been discharged from jury duty.

I just joined Facebook this week and it is so much fun.

I have been scrapping all week long and love having everything back in one central place.

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Lisa said...

oh, mel i have this project all thought out in my head using that feature on facebook!