October 12, 2007



Cooper learnt a new word "cold". Mum came up with the idea of making a fruit smoothie and freezing it to make an ice block to see if Cooper would eat some fruit that way. Well it worked, he ate the first one and learnt how to say cold as he was eating it that fast. He had another one and devoured it as quickly as the first. Cooper doesn't eat fruit or vegetables lately and we tricked him tonight into eating some banana, normally as soon as he smells it is banana he won't even put it to his mouth and runs off in the other direction.


Also it seems that Cooper and Riley have bonded this last week, since Riley has been on holidays from school. They have been having a great time playing chasings and bikes in the backyard and playing cars and swords inside. Nathan has been feeling a little left out as he has still had pre-school this week.

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