August 11, 2007

Getting busy

I have been working on getting the dining table cleared and it is almost done which means I have room to scrap. After finding this sketch I knew that I had to get busy on a photo and memory that I wanted to scrap for a long time but just didn't have the inspiration to get it done. I worked on it this afternnon and got it finished. It is the first layout I have done in a long time and I and really happy with it. I love this new sketches site as it has a lot of sketches for single photo layouts.


Then when I went to put the layout away I saw some photos of Cooper that I had ready to scrap. I scrapped while Darren was watching the Bourne Identity on TV and checking some procedures. I love Courtney's work and scraplifted one of her layouts.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

i do love this layout! maybe i have said it before on your old blog? :)