August 03, 2007

2007 done


and 4 more to go. One thing I have to do when I back up to DVD is do a copy of the best photos, I spent ages doing this earlier on in the year but didn't burn a copy to DVD, now I am back to looking at over a 1000 photos per month. That is an average of 30 photos per day, I really need to delete some of the photos when I upload them. I also didn't make a back up of the tags I had set to alot of photos. I am going to use this new start to really think about how I am going to manage and organise my photos.

I was OK about losing my hard drive thinking I only lost two weeks of photos, until I realised I lost the photos of the Kitty Hawk. Now I have a 320 Gb external hard drive and a 4Gb compact flash card (so I don't have to empty the card when I run out of room anymore), now I should be able to have every photo backed up even though it is not the end of the month.

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