July 18, 2007

20 months

So my little guy is 20 months old today and what a little character he is. He is so full of emotions at the moment ranging from fits of laughter to tantrums that he doesn't know how to control and ends up in head butting something to showing us constantly how much he loves us. He constantly reminds me of Riley at the same age and this always beings a smile to my face. He loves to give cuddles and lots of them and he is getting better at saying goodbye to visitors, he waves frantically at them when they drive down the hill. He still has a sleep at lunchtime but his appetite has decreased since he has started feeding himself. He has lost alot of weight this month, sickness has plagued the house this month, and is only just starting to eat more now.

He is constanly on the go, rarely sits down unless strapped in, and the only way to get a photo with him is to grab on tight.


Lots of tears and tantrums, I know it is tough being the baby and not getting everything you want when you want it :)


Constantly wanting to do what I am doing. I had just tossed the scraps out to Benson so Cooper threw all of his food on the floor too. He loves to help me with the washing, sorting out the colthes and hanging them on the line.


He doesn't like to sit in the highchair anymore. I used to be able to leave him in there while I got my jobs done, not anymore. Now it is a race for me to get everything done in the mornings before he wants to get out. he has started to get out of his shoulder straps. He is the first one to attemp to climb out of this highchair.


Busy, busy, busy and more busy, busy, busy


It is a real workout to take all 3 boys to the park, the older two are pretty good at staying where they are told but all Cooper wants to do is chase after the birdies. He doesn't care where the birds take him, he just follows them with me chasing after him, he is getting pretty fast too.


More chasing after the birdies at the park, he nearly made it to the water and they were both covered in mud by the time they got back to the path.


I am attempting to cook dinner and he has realised he is starving. I have started giving him a late afternnon snack in his high chair so I can get dinner cooked. He is constantly at the pantry yelling for something to eat.


Not sure if he is upset by the noise from the vacuum cleaner or by the fact that it is my turn now. He also cries in the shower now, the whole time he is in it.


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