February 20, 2007


Our birthday and Christmas season is over. The boys have all had their birthday's for the year and have lots of new toys to play with and are all happy because they are a year older, which means Nathan has to eat 4 more mouthfuls and Riley has to eat 6 more mouthfuls of their dinner, if they haven't eaten enough, before they are allowed dessert .

So now the job list begins, I have so many things to get done and hopefully we will have some free time on the weekends.

1. Photos edited and burned to disk to send out - this one is high priority because it is long overdue. Although I do contribute this lag to a certain little 15 month old who keeps pushing the off button on the computer. A laptop would be such a great addition to our family :)

2. Sorting out toys to put away new toys the boys got for their birthday, Christmas toys have been done. I also want to work on cleaning out under the bunk beds as it always looks so messy.

3. Sorting out Coopers clothes since he is getting too big for the size 0's and send some down to Gillian for little Sam

4. Work out my TV schedule as I am going to limit myself to (gasp) 10 hours per week. It may seem alot but in this household it is quite a reduction. I shouldn't really complain about how little time I have for the things I want to do when I spend so much time watching TV

5. Download photos from camera - DONE

Well I think 5 is enough, hopefully I will have this done by the end of next week.

Oh I forgot one

6. Get tax info together and make appointment (for you Dazza)

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