January 25, 2007

80kg by September 1, 2007

That's the goal I have set for myself, this is what I want to weigh when I sit down in my seat headed for England. So far I am 2.5 kg down since the start of December which is pretty good considering Christmas and I have been up and down in my moods. I am making small changes in my daily routine so I don't get too freaked out about being on a diet. I bought the Low GI book in December and just got it out to read last night, it lists foods that are good to eat and I can make sense out of the book and the eating style actually appeals to me. I am not telling myself that I am on a diet, I prefer to tell myself that I am making better food choices. I made a quick pasta salad for lunch and I felt so great after eating it that I took Cooper and Benson for a walk, normally I flake out on the lounge and try and stay awake. Dinner is already cooked and waiting for the boys to turn up.


Cooper enjoyed the pasta as well and even tried ham for the first time today.


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