November 20, 2006

My baby is 1!


Cooper had his very first birthday last week and is well and truly a big boy now. We had a pizza party with my mum and sister and her boys. Everyone had a great time and Cooper got his first taste of pizza base which he didn't mind at all. We sat him in his high chair when it was time for cake and he was quick to dive in. He was devastated when the cake was taken away but didn't show any interest in tasting the chocolate icing on his fingers.


He received a Fisher Price farm and Elmo giggly ball off us, both of which Riley and Nate love to play with, he did show interest in the hairy horse. I think he would have been happier if I bought him two TV remotes, boy do we cop it when we take them off him.

Things Cooper does at twelve months

- still has two sleeps a day although they are only about 60-90 monutes long. I struggle to get him back to sleep in the afternoon in time to pick up Riley from school. He had his first day with only one sleep, there was no way I was getting him to sleep at playgroup.

- he doesn't have bottles any more - he is drinking his formula from a sippy cup. Still drinks alot of water. Bottles are gone from our house - woohoo!

- eats four meals a day and any little snacks he can get along the way. I still keep away from green vegies and stick to maily pumpkin, carrots and potato with some sort of protein added in. He loves to munch on hot chips and carrots.

- he is standing up at the lounges and TV cupboard, alothough still using his tippy toes for balance, sometimes he stands with flat feet. Crawls everywhere at quite a fast pace, especially when we are racing to see who can get to the bathroom first and he loves to disappear into the front rooms and get up to mischief, he loves to chew the TV guide much to Darren's horror. He can climb in and out of the sliding door opening to go outside and can stand in his cot he can also sit himself back down to go to sleep. Usually sits with his legs tucked under him, ready to crawl at any moments notice.

- loves to play with pegs, shoe polish tin, balls, leaves, TV remotes, wooden blocks, toys on his bookshelf, cups and any sort of moving car. He usually has one of the above items in his mouth as he crawls around. Will play with the pegs or wooden block for long periods of time, bashing them together to make noises and he loves to squeal, the louder the better. He has discovered TV and strains his neck to watch it while eating his breakfast.

He is definately one of the boys now and won't be long before he is running aournd the house playing chasings with them.

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