September 25, 2006

A Weekend With Coopey

Well we are exhausted after sleeping in a noisy room just across from the hotel kitchen but overall it was a great weekend away.Initially we were supposed to leave Cooper with mum but since he has been so sick with a cold and having trouble with his breathing we thought it would be better to take him with us. It was so nice to have some time with him, I think he enjoyed it too.

We went to IKEA and boy was that a treat, they have just released a new catalogue and so all of the shelves were full. I got almost all of what I needed, I just have to wait for the computer cupboard I want, it will be in next week. Oh darn we will have to go back again next weekend!


Darren wanted to take me to some of the places he taken the boys while I was pregnant with Cooper having a rest at home, the first stop was South Head. We walked around the loop track and the scenery was gorgeous, it was really windy so we couldn't stay long as Cooper was getting cold. I think the highlight for me was the nudest beach, I wasn't game enough to take any photos though.


On Sunday we headed up the coast to Palm Beach, I have never been there before so it was a real treat for me. It was so hot and windy we couldn't stay very long so mostly we drove around looking at all of the gorgoeus houses. I think we found Leyton and Bec's house, the one with four expensive cars out the front and I am sure I saw Cheryl unloading groceries. We saw one house that was virtually suspended in mir air, the concrete posts holding it up were about 4 stories high. Crazy!


Nathan is already talking about when he gets to have his weekend away with just Mummy & Daddy - sounds good to me :)

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