September 18, 2006

Cooper @ ten months

Wow cannot believe the little guy is ten months already.

He is still not crawling but manages to get around OK and the older two certainly help out when he squarks for toys.

He has learnt to get into the sitting position from his tummy but has already got some small bruises on the side of his head where he has taken a tumble. I heard him crying from his cot this morning and when I went in he was leaning against the side of the cot. He has gotten into the sitting position and then fallen over :)

Feeding times are getting messy, his hands are getting in the way when we try and spoon feed him, he is always trying to grab the bowl and his fingers usually end up in his mouth to feel the food. I gave him some toast fingers this morning and he loved it and didn't have any troubles eating it.

I think he is getting close to dropping a sleep as his sleeps are really short, usually an hour, and he is taking onger to go to sleep in the morning.

Size 0 clothes are becoming too small, I had him in a size 1 pair of pants the other day and they fit OK. Might be time to get out the summer clothes soon as the weather is warming up.

Still loves to go for a walk in the pram, be it to the park, shopping or watching the boys do their swimming lesson

Loves to sit out on the grass, eat it and then choke on it.

Zucchini, broccoli and corn still not allowed - his face is alot clearer since I have eliminated these from his diet

Usually vegemite or cream cheese sandwich for lunch, cut up into little squares, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots with either couscous or lentils mixed together for dinner

Cooper's gromets went in last week so he has to wear ear plugs and a headband in the bath so he doesn't get water in his ears.

Happy ten months little guy, we love you

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